15th June 2017. Glass Box, Taunton

Welcome to Library Carpentry at the Glass Box in Taunton Library! This day is being hosted thanks to funding from a Learning and Teaching Award given to Library Carpentry at the 2016 British Library Labs.


Tabitha: Service Development Manager, Somerset Libraries.

Dave: Systems Officer, LibrariesWest. Chief Technology Officer, CartoConsult.



Time Description
9:30am Arrive, tea/coffee and setup. Get connected. Labels
9:50am Introductions. Housekeeping.

WiFi: Guest WiFi is available. Once connected, if you have a LibrariesWest account, use your library login to get connected to the Wifi. If not, please ask us for a guest account.

Labels: Please collect a name label! Also please choose a level of working with data you feel you're at: *beginner (maybe you don't use data much at all), intermediate (you use data quite a bit but you'd like to improve), expert (you've used data regularly and feel like you know your way around data). Don't be afraid to choose expert! We'll spend some time during introductions discussing the different experiences in the room.

Breaks: We can take a break whenever anyone needs to. There are a lot of different sections, so there will always be oportunities to get some air or refill on tea.

Twitter: #librarycarpentry, @GlassBoxTaunton

Workshop 1. Data Introduction

Time Description
10:00am Presentation. Data introduction.
10:10am Group exercise. Jargon Busting
10:45am Teaching. Foundations
11:10am Exercises. Working with data
11:45am Feedback/answers and demo

Around 12:10 Break for Lunch. This is provided! Particular thanks to the British Library Labs :-)

Workshop 2: Git Introduction

Time Description
1:00pm Presentation. Git examples and GitHub
1:15pm Group exercise. Version control and data storage
1:40pm Teaching. Git foundations.
1:45pm Exercise. Setting up a GitHub account
1:55pm Exercise. Hello World!
2:10pm Feedback/demo
2:20pm Break and Cake

Workshop 3: Everyone Loves Maps

Time Description
2:30pm Presentation. Location and Place
2:35pm Group Exercise. Locations and places in library data
3:00pm Teaching. GIS
3:20pm Exercise. Mapping libraries
3:50pm Exercise. Mapping members
4:20pm Feedback
4:30pm Close

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