Group Exercise. Location and places in data


  • Flipchart paper
  • Pens
  • Sticky notes


To understand more about why GIS is important, we're going to discuss how location (and place) data is relevant to library data.

Part A: 15 mins (max)

Taking some activities that happen in a library, discuss in groups the variety of locations and places that could be relevant to that activity. As many as you can think of!

As an example, for a physical loan of an item, the location of the library from which it was loaned would be relevant. Start with the following activities but feel free to think up others.

  • A library member checking out an item
  • A new user joining the library
  • A library member putting a reservation on an item

Use flipchart paper to note down the locations and places.

Part B: Feedback 10 mins

Each group will feedback and we'll discuss the geographic data we could analyse in libraries.

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