Group Exercise. Collaboration and version control


  • Boards/pads
  • Pens
  • Sticky notes


To understand more about why Git and GitHub can be useful we're going to discuss how we all currently store documents and data. Particularly where we require collaboration on those documents, including knowing when changes have been made, what they were and by who.

Part A: 20 minutes

Spend time in groups discussing both of the different kind of files you have at your organisation:

  • Data
  • Documents

Here are some sample talking points, feel free to add any you feel appropriate.

  • Where are they stored?
  • How do you track changes to them?
  • How do you manage multiple people working on them at once?
  • How are they shared?
  • How sensitive are the documents you're working on?
  • What restrictions on access to the documents/data do you have?
  • What level of control do you have over where you can store documents? Are you able to use cloud file sharing?

Part B: 10 minutes

Feedback from each group about your discussions.

Key Points

  • We need a strategy for managing data and documentation
  • Git and GitHub can solve day to day issues of data and document management.

Source material

See Library Carpentry - Git In Libraries.

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